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Educational Justice: Grants and Projects

Current Grants and Projects

In 20212024, campus directors are supporting a number of intellectual and institutional research projects designed to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and justice in academia and other educational settings.

Ready to Launch: Understanding the Experiences of the Transition to University and to Adulthood Among Under-resourced Students of Color

Led by Project Co-Director Paul Boxer (Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University-Newark), this project examines the transition from high school to university for first-year students entering Rutgers-Newark. Interviews will be conducted with 100 students and one caregiver about their experiences during this transition. The project focuses on lived experiences of social and financial continuity and change, and the nature of support provided by families, to understand how “launching” prepares students for success.

Conversation Series: Alternative Approaches to Music Teaching and Learning

The “Conversation Series” involves readings centered on race, equity, access, and retention. Five guest speakers will lead in-class conversations on their research and personal dispositions to diversity, equity and inclusion. The aim is to challenge graduate students, who are also in-service music educators to explore perspectives from diverse scholarship and broaden their views on why music education matters. Led by Marjoris Regus, Asst. Prof. of Music at the Mason Gross School of the Arts. 

Led by Charity Anderson, Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, School of Arts and SciencesNewark, RutgersNewark

Led by John Hulme, Writers House, English, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; John Keller, coLAB Arts / Mason Gross, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Chris Rasmussen, History, Fairleigh Dickinson University; Dan Swern, coLAB Arts / Mason Gross, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Andrew Urban, American Studies, Rutgers University-New Brunswick; Dara Walker, African American Studies, History, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Pennsylvania State University 

Led by Lacey Hunter and Christina Strasburger (Rutgers University-Newark), TAE is an initiative organized through the collaboration of educators, scholars, and advocates dedicated to social justice and inclusivity. TAE’s educational programming brings students, teachers, scholars, community organizers, and researchers together to promote sustainable inclusivity in classrooms everywhere. Our workshops aim to help educators develop pedagogical methods that support safe environments for all learners