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Institute for the Study of Global Racial Justice

Addressing Inequities

Support for seminars, workshops, courses, community projects

Interdisciplinary Seminars on Social Justice

The institute invites faculty to submit proposals to lead interdisciplinary seminars that focus on the struggle for global, racial, and social justice. Topics can include but are not limited to public arts, education, health, public policy, social justice, and criminal justice. Seminars can be short (two months), medium (one semester), or long (year-long) and can be campus-based, cross-campus, or universitywide. Proposals that encourage and include participation from graduate students and other Rutgers constituencies beyond tenured faculty will be given special consideration.

Charlotte Bunch seminar

Inclusive Pedagogy Grants

The institute invites faculty, lecturers, and instructors to apply for these grants to support workshops, courses, curricula, and pedagogical innovation with a focus on racial and social justice. Institute directors have a special interest in projects that integrate the arts and the humanities, are geared toward social impact, and focus on such areas of inquiry as social justice, public health, public policy, the carceral state, and K–12 education. The program is also designed to encourage awareness and information exchange and to foster community among those throughout Rutgers who wish to support and enhance their commitment to teaching in the area of global racial justice.

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Kelly Cora

Educational Justice: Grants and Projects

In 20212022, campus directors are supporting a number of intellectual and institutional research projects designed to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and justice in academia and other educational settings.

Community Farming